Rear bumper protectors - Steel

Rear bumper protectors made of stainless steel represent nearly 70% of the total production. There is a wide range of  rear bumper protectors dedicated to more than 650 car models. The standard thickness of steel used in the production of rear bumper protectors is 0.5mm. Depending on the type of finish, rear bumper protectors  can have a smooth surface or vertical/horizontal embossings. There are also collections with additional decorative elements: chrome lettering or 3D emblems. Most models have a proper, suitable  bend that provides additional protection for the bumper edge. There are available four versions of steel finishes:

  • silver brushed steel,
  • silver mirror steel,
  • black brushed steel,
  • black mirror steel.

The appropriate treatment of steel provides a semi-matte effect, which is an excellent choice for those who appreciate practical solutions. In turn, rear bumper protectors in the “super mirror” version give the car’s interior an exclusive touch. Precise finishes and high quality steel ensure that the customer receives a product of the highest quality.

Rear bumper protectors - BLACK MAT

The collection includes black rear bumper protectors made of riffled aluminium and steel rear bumper protectors with a classic design. The first are characterized by above-average durability. Thanks to the use of 3 mm thick sheet metal, i.e. 6 times thicker than the standard rear bumper protector in our offer. They were designed e.g. for off-road and delivery vehicles, particularly exposed to exploitation. On the other hand, classic, black rear bumper protectors in a mat version will be perfect for the bumpers of city passenger cars. The rear bumper protectors are distinguished by a stylish appearance and greater resistance to changing weather conditions and mechanical damages.

Rear bumper protectors - STRONG

The latest line of STRONG rear bumper protectors is a proprietary design by Avisa, which has been granted patent protection as an EUIPO industrial design in the European Union. It is a combination of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel with CARGO SYSTEM ribs, mounted in the base cover in specially adapted embossed grooves. STRONG EDITION rear bumper protectors are strong and resistant to bending. The profiled ribs add to the design of the steel caps, creating original patterns. The rear bumper protectors are refined to the smallest detail, perfectly fitted  to the specific car model.

Rear bumper protectors CARBON FIBER

The rear bumper protectors made of real Carbon Fiber are a combination of sporty looks and elegance. They are dedicated to those looking for exclusive additions to their car. The material is built from thousands of carbon fibers, making it difficult to damage. In addition, it has been properly protected and refined to provide users with durability for many years.  The rear bumper protectors are resistant to corrosion, moisture and UV radiation. All models of carbon rear bumper protectors have a bend on the edge of the bumper, protecting the surface of the trunk from the damages. The offer is constantly being expanded with new models, gaining more fans of carbon add-ons.