Steel door sills

The steel door sills are designed for a specific car model, by taking into account the dimensions and design of the car. They are made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm, which perfectly blends and connects with the surface of the car’s sill creating an aesthetic whole. A perfect fit is also guaranteed by the bend of the edge, which additionally protects the door sills against damages. The offer includes several hundred models, and new products appear on the offer along with the premieres of cars in car showrooms. The door sills are available in various finishing options:

  • silver brushed steel,
  • silver mirror steel,
  • black  brushed steel,
  • black mirror steel,

Decorative details in the form of embossing, overprinting or engraving give the door sills a spectacular look. The embossings are made in two directions downwards or upwards, depending on the model. Steel door sills are also available with chrome inscriptions and 3D emblems.

Door sills with Hybrid and E-power emblems

The inspiration for the line of door sills with 3D Hybrid and E-power emblems was the involvement of many car manufacturers in the creation of hybrid and electric cars. Constant observation of the automotive market  allows us to create collections in line with the current  trends. Clearly visible, the Hybrid and E-power inserts on the surface of the steel door sills give them a three-dimensional character. The door sills are available in various variants of steel finish: black and silver.

Door sills LED

The universal, illuminated LED threshold covers from the Hybrid series are an element that perfectly matches the current trends in the automotive world. The line has been designed for those who appreciate interesting design and modern solutions. They are a stylish and practical accessory that not only illuminates the sills at dusk, but also catches the eye. The overlays are automatically turned on when opening the car door, illuminating the openwork elements with constant light. They are made of silver, polished stainless steel. The slats emit light in blue.

Uniwersal door sills

Universal slats are made of high quality rubber. They are available in two sizes: 4 cm and 6 cm, so they can be perfectly adapted to the thresholds of a given car model. They are a cheaper but equally effective alternative to steel or carbon sill plates.