Automotive accessories made of stainless steel

The company’s offer includes a wide range of stainless steel products. This material is durable and has a lasting aesthetic effect after many years of use. Its advantage is resistance to corrosion and mechanical damages, thanks to which additives made of steel enjoy endless popularity. When processing the material, we use modern technologies that allow us to design variety of shapes, dimensions and properties. The offer includes steel products with a different finish, e.g. with a mirror or brushing effect, as well as in black and silver colors. We focus on quality and visually attractive designs, offering a wide selection of accessories. As the production company with appropriate technological facilities, we eagerly undertake projects on a special order.

Functionality in a modern way

Avisa steel products have been appreciated by customers all over the world for years. Original design and excellent quality of steel accessories meet the expectations of the most demanding customers

Classic rear bumper protectors

The use of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm, available in several variants of finish brushed, mirror, colour).

STRONG rear bumper protectors.

The combination of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel with polyurethane „ribs”. The rear bumper protectors from this series are strong and resistant to bending.

Door sills

The protection of the varnish against damages and a stylish look.

Decorative strips

The individual design of the car.

Footrest dead pedal

Improving the safety and comfort of driving.

The clocks

Automotive accessories that will be appreciated by every true moto fan.

Automotive accessories

Driving license plate holders, keychains, emblems, bottle openers and many, many more…

Individual projects/ orders

The projects according to the individual technical specification/ requirements of the customer.

Passion - Professionalism - Quality

We manufacture premium class steel accessories. We focus on an individual approach to the client. We make non-standard projects, made at special, individual projects/  orders. The company’s activity is based on four foundations:

Knowledge of the industry

Many years of experience allow us to process large, demanding projects.

Global reach

Avisa products are well known all over the world, and our network of business partners is growing every year.

People and technology

The commitment of the management staff and employees as well as modern technologies, contribute to the high quality of products .

Keeping on-time

Time is our priority, so we always take care of the fastest possible proceeding of the orders.

Technological possibilities

1. Steel processing

(cutting, stamping, milling, printing, profiling, bending)

2. The combination of steel with other materials

(e.g. steel + carbon, steel + polyurethane)

3. The Examples of different types of the materials:

- stainless steel with a satin/ brushed finish
- stainless steel mirror with a mirror / super mirror finish.
- stainless graphite/ black steel.

Steel clocks

Avisa has an extensive machine park that allows it to carry out large, demanding projects. Appropriate organizational and technical facilities, operation in accordance with accepted standards and experience of team members are the key to the company’s success. The combination of knowledge, creativity and skills of qualified staff makes customers receive the highest quality products.