Questions and Answers

In the beginning please, contact our headquarter office , by phone or e-mail in order to appoint a sales representative who will be responsible  for professional and successful cooperation with you. After recognizing the individual needs and requirements, the sales representative prepares the special offer that includes the list of the products and prices. After discussing and accepting the terms of the co-operation, the Client places the order.

Thanks to the systematization of production that has been functioning flawlessly with us for many years, we ensure efficient shipment of the goods  within 1-3 working days. The supervisor responsible for cooperation informs the customer about the status of the order.

Foam foil and an inner cardboard wrapper are used to secure the rear bumper protectors,  while the door sills are wrapped with special buble foil and a cardboard wrapper. Then the products are packed in white cardboard packaging with the manufacturer’s labels and markings. The goods packed in this way are put to a shipping box, in which the spaces are additionally filled with packing paper in order to avoid product movement and possible damage.

Yes. The company has got professional industrial facilities that allow it to carry out large, demanding projects. After discussing the terms of cooperation and initial approval of the assumptions of the project, it is possible to prepare a graphic design, pricing for tooling, initial purchase prices  or a sample of a given product. Thanks to this, the customer can evaluate the finished product and add any comments to the project.

The time of use depends on the method and intensity of use. In order for the rear bumper protectors and door sills could  serve us for many years, it is worth protecting them with wax or polishing paste (applies only to silver steel rear bumper protectors ).  The created in this ways hydrophobic coating,  protects the rear bumper protectors and door sills,  reducing the risk of scratches and protects against corrosion.

All the complaints should be directed to the previously appointed sales representative who will handle your complaint  and forward it to the appropriate department. The procedure takes place in accordance with the provisions of law in force in the country.